Friday, November 16, 2007


OK so for starters this whole blog will in effect be a completely scrubs-like affair, i mean inner voice, jimminy cricket style day dreaming. Everything said and stated on here will be no more nor less a concoction of my own deluded thoughts and ideologies throughout the days. So today's topic you ask, well my dear audience I'm talking about the transferability of moving from one university to another, and the reasons why and the feelings after doing so. first of all i will start by sharing my feelings on the whole having to move phase, I have recently become a father of a gorgeous little boy and with his mother living in my home town in the east midlands i felt it my duty to be a man and stand up to my responsibilities as a father (of which I'm loving every second), The transfer itself was fairly painless, i called the university of Derby, they replied, i emailed my tutor at Plymouth, they were very helpful and within a weekend i was transferred once again back to my shady hometown from which i had gracefully retreated from and thought I had found a greater life for myself in sunny Devon (Plymouth). the paper work was a doddle, and i had little trouble in becoming enrolled onto a similar choice as the one from Plymouth, however the whole student loan thing is to date still up in the air and I'm hoping that shortly i will be given a huge gangsters wad of cash lol. The biggest pain from leaving Devon is missing my wonderful friends that i had acquired from living and studying there, I am still to this day quite severely gutted about the whole loss of friends issue however i will and am staying as closely in touch as humanly and digitally possibly, Any how I have made a couple of new student friends here now and in particular have found a kindred spirit in that of whom I now consider one of my closest confidants and in general, right up there with the best of them. well thats me outt for the day but keep checking for more updates. - Ronnie

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